Video Training Features

instructor lectures Video Lectures and Expert Instruction Delivered direct to your PC, Tablet or Mobile device *

Our unique delivery simulates a one-on-one classroom environment, creating a more personal learning experience.

Our highly certified expert instructors possess a superior understanding of the subject matter in their fields and have the ability to convey this knowledge in an effective, engaging, and professional manner to a wide audience.

Practical knowledge is essential for success in a real world environment and we have chosen our instructors with this in mind – many of our instructors are business owners and have been employed in their respective fields for decades!


powerpoint webPowerPoint Slides and Visuals

Our courses feature PowerPoint slides to illustrate concepts and complement the expert instruction. Many of the in-depth theories and processes discussed in our courses can be learned most efficiently through the detailed powerpoint slides we provide. These slides are accompanied by an instructor voiceover to provide our students with a clear, efficient, and complete presentation of concepts.




demonstrationsImmersive Demonstrations

The immersive demonstrations in our training allow the student to view practical application of concepts in real-world environments.

Demonstrations are a way for the instructor to present how to perform a task on-screen in front of the student. This feature gives the student the power to see tasks performed by a professional in the intended environment as many times as they would like, without purchasing expensive software.




Mentoring 3

Our Linkedin┬« communities provide interactive learning support for students using self-paced learning materials for IT certification Our support communities provide students with online and telephone access to tutors, interactive chat sessions with other students, bulletin boards and continuous assessment and feedback. Our certified online experts are available to provide real-time answers to technology and soft-skill-related questions 24×7.








controls and navigation webControls and Navigation

Our easy-to-use controls and table of contents navigation allow you to quickly jump to any point in the course and fully control the pace of your training.

Move through hours of in-depth content quickly and easily and repeat entire topics or just a section. A progress bar illuminates as you advance through exercises. All courses resume where you left off last session, allowing you to learn when it is convenient for you without the hassle of remembering where you were.




student workbookStudent Workbooks, Courseware & Guides

Our courses feature printable Student Workbooks for every chapter.

Our printable Student Workbooks are a study tool that allows students to take notes and bring the course material with them when they may not have access to a computer. Workbooks can also be used electronically to quickly review powerpoint slides and training topics.






review quiz webReview Quiz

Once a topic is completed, our built-in review quiz allows you to assess your progress and identify areas where additional study may be required.

After this assessment the student can go back give some extra attention to different subject areas within a topic if necessary. If using our online solution, the student score on each quiz is recorded so that student progress may be tracked.






Certificate of AttendanceCertificate of Completion

Our course features a printable certificate of attendance once the student has met the course accrediation requirements.

For ITIL, students must complete all the videos, read all of the course materials and scorean 80% of higher on all the module exams.