Membership Benefits

The itSM Mentor is the first, accredited, continuing professional development (CPD) and mentoring solution designed to teach the knowledge and skills to successfully adopt and sustain an IT best practice program across an enterprise.

This 21st century education and mentoring solution enables practitioners to not only become certified in IT best practices but also learn the skills on how to apply those solutions in a corporate production environment. All this under the guidance of the industry’s leading best practice mentors.
Mentor’s certification and CPD video programs can be delivered as a online self-paced training solution or can be utilized as the core content for instructor led programs. This comprehensive, affordable, managed education solution ensures a successful training outcome for both student and employer.

The itSM Mentor delivers the following benefits across an enterprise:

Human Resources
– Skills and knowledge gains from itSM Mentor will lessen the gap from a certified best practice employee to a productive best practice employee
– Having a skilled best practice workforce will encourage positive employee engagement and reduce turnover for the organization.
– The itSM Mentor’s mobile and bite-sized programs will ensure it is conveniently available anytime, anywhere.

Learning & Development
– With a successful best practice learning program in place, performance improvements will take place across business units faster thereby accelerating a company’s ability to make or save money.
– The itSM Mentor creates the opportunity for L&D to be viewed as a business improvement unit and not just a “training center”

Information Technology (IT)
– The itSM Mentor will enable IT professionals to acquire the just and time knowledge and CPD skills to do their jobs while accumulating the credits and point required by certification institutes and employers to maintain ones employment and certification status in the marketplace.
– The itSM Mentor will significantly reduce the cost of IT best practice training while increasing the educational value being delivered to IT employees.
– The itSM Mentor cloud-based managed learning solution reduces the maintenance and support efforts required to setup and maintain in-class, virtual or blended class training solutions.

Business Unit Leaders
– The itSM Mentor learning solution will help IT and buisness unit professionals learn the best practice knowledge and skills to operate more efficiently and improve the services levels delivered to the business units and their clients.

– The itSM Mentor enables organizations to dramatically cut their training expenditures while lessening the gap from an certiifed best practice employee to a productive best practice employee.