ITSM Mentoring Services

Three things are certain in today’s business world: first, digital services are now at the center of all businesses; second, business is a moving target and third businesses are under attack from those trying to steal the critical information companies rely on for daily business operations and revenue generation.

The demand for a proactive, collaborative and balanced approach for planning, managing and securing enterprise digital assets and services across stakeholders, supply chains, functions, markets, and geographies has never been greater.
The itSM Mentoring service helps organizations acquire a systemic structure for thinking and planning plus the best practice knowledge and skills to:

  • Assess an organizations maturity level against well-known best practice frameworks, methodologies & standards
  • Assess an organizations maturity level for change.
  • Develop a strategic plan to adopt and adapt the frameworks, methods and standards that will continually improve and secure the digital services delivered across the enterprise and its supply chain.

The ITSM strategic plan will enable the IT, Cyber Security and Business  leadership teams to:

  • Secure management commitment and funding for the program
  • Select and develop the team that will create the strategic plan for the program
  • Condition employees and the supply chain for the adoption of the program
  • Empower practitioners with the skills to adapt the program across the organization
  • Institutionalize the program with Human Resources across the enterprise

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