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The itSM Mentor book store provides one stop shopping for many of the leading book titles in the IT and ITSM marketplace.

itSM Mentor Do IT Yourself (DITY) Guides

ITSM Do IT Yourself (DITY™) Guides
DITY™ is a unique and leading edge “Do IT Yourself” philosophy for IT Service Management (ITSM). DITY™ guides are for IT professionals looking for practical coaching and advice on how to implement IT Service Management best practices. Through DITY™ you can acquire good practical advice on how to manage, organize, and optimize IT.

ITIL Reference Guide

ITSM Training Guide
The itSM Solutions ITSM training guide provides students with a comprehensive overview of the ITIL along with the certification programs associated with this best practice framework.

ITSM Case Studies & White Papers

ITSM Reference Model for Business & IT Alignment
This paper describes how the itSM Solutions reference model integrates five widely used service management domains to create a powerful model to guide IT in its journey into the business leadership circle. This paper originally written in 2007 and updated in 2010 aligns perfectly with the recently released Gartner Insight report on Taming the Digital Dragon

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ITIL Training Case Study
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) shares its ITIL training journey with ITIL’s Accreditor Axelos

Disney ITIL Training Case Study
Disney shares its ITIL training journey with ITIL’s Accreditor Axelos.

ITSM Trade Magazines

ITSM Magazines
The web site ITSM Portal has a full listing of today’s most popular ITSM magazines.

ITSM Blogs, Newsfeeds & Videos

FREE ITSM Training Videos
This is the perfect starter kit to become familar with not only ITSM concepts but also the certification programs associated with the ITIL.

ITSM Research Documents

Gartner – Taming the Digital Dragon
All industries in all geographies are being radically reshaped by digital disruption — a “digital dragon” that is potentially very powerful if tamed but a destructive force if not. It’s a CIO’s dream come true, and also a career-changing leadership challenge.

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